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Catalog: Cardiovascular Health

Courses: 11
Courses will focus on improving cardiovascular health of patients.

Catalog: Disease Management

Courses: 11
Courses will focus on improving management of various diseases or conditions including patient self-management.

Catalog: General

Courses: 2
General Education Courses

Catalog: Home Health Aides

Courses: 5
Courses are good for home health or hospice aides, as well as community health workers.

Catalog: Hospitalizations

Courses: 8
Courses will focus on strategies to reduce avoidable hospitalizations.

Catalog: Medication Management

Courses: 4
Courses related to improving medication management.

Catalog: Patient Safety

Courses: 7
Courses will focus on patient safety issues and interventions (e.g., falls, immunization).

Catalog: Quality Improvement

Courses: 10
Courses in this catalog focus on quality improvement.

Catalog: Underserved Population

Courses: 6
Courses will focus on various underserved population issues (e.g., dual-eligible, undeserved areas, health disparities)
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