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Pave Your Path - Part 1Pave Your Path - Part 1

This is Part 1 of a 4-part series to learn how to use a formal quality improvement process including rapid cycle testing.  This course will focus on answer the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)’s questions and writing an Aim statement.  

·        All of the following educational activities must be completed:  [use Action words Watch, Read, Complete and include time of each activity - Watch… (15 min)]

1.      View the e-Learning (15 minutes)

2.      Watch the webinar (60 minutes)

3.      Complete the online activity (10 minutes)

4.      Complete the workbook activities (20 minutes)

5.      Take the post-test and evaluation

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This course has 2.0 CEs for Nursing (ANCC).  A certificate will be provided for all other disciplines that some states or national organizations will accept (please check with your state and associations).

Any issues contact HHQI@qualityinsights.org

Estimated Length: 2 hour(s)


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Online Lesson1. Pave Your Path – Part 1 -
Online Lesson2. Pave Your Path – Part 1 Evaluation -


After this course, the learner will:

  • Identify the current state of home health care quality and why systematic improvement is necessary.
  • Describe set-up for successful improvement work, including leadership actions.
  • Describe the 3 questions for the Model for Improvement.
  • List key characteristics of a project aim statement.
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